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Kif-Kif Bledi Online School

This project is to create a digital platform about North-African and Middle-East traditional and hybrid dances.

All teachers will be from the culture from diaspora or living in the original countries. Some local organizations will be supported especially focused on art, women and children.

The platform will also include cultural contents, conferences, videos, interviews, podcast...

All will be available in replay. In english and french.

1122€ reached on a target of 5000€.
Thanks for your support!




In November 2020 our dance studio had to close due to the Corona virus.
We started giving online dance classes and conferences. This gave us the opportunity to have students from all over the world, from North and South America, Australia, and also many countries in Europe and Asia.

Then our students asked us if it was possible to have replays of our classes, in particular because of the time zones. Unfortunately we have not been able to meet this demand because we do not have a secure digital platform.

The project is to create this platform for end of 2021 which will allow people to learn our dances and cultures via a digital tool accessible 24/7.
Through this project, we also want to involve and promote local artists from North-Africa and the Middle-East and support local causes concerning culture and the protection of women and children.

Project steps

1st step :
We will make videos with Kif-Kif Bledi teachers in English (and some supports in French as well):
- traditional dances classes from different countries, with different levels
- exclusive fusion dance classes created by Kif-Kif Bledi, with our other specialties such as hiphop, house dance, waacking, voguing and indian dances
- cultural conferences on various themes
- connexions with native artists and organizations, active in MENAHT areas.

2nd step:
Integrate other teachers from the diaspora.

3rd step:
Shoot videos in MENAHT areas to generate income for local artists who are in a very precarious situation since the COVID crisis and especially to promote women artists.

Students will be able to subscribe to specific courses of their choice, but there will also be monthly and annual subscriptions.


- filming videos with teachers in a studio by a cameraman

- editing and post-production by a professional

- rental of the studio and lights

- participation of musicians / declaration of copyright

- graphic design

- storage space

- hosting and design of the digital platform

- uploading of all the videos planned with Kif-Kif Bledi teachers and other teachers from the diaspora

- additional teachers' fees

- adding videos filmed, edited and translated from a country in North Africa or the Middle East

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