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REPLAY - Online Solidarity Event for Palestine / KIF-KIF BLEDI


REPLAY 🇵🇸 Online Solidarity Event for Palestine / KIF-KIF BLEDI 🇵🇸 Sunday, June 9th After participating to / organizing events in support of Palestine in person in Paris, we are now offering an online cultural evening in English, accessible via Zoom live or replay. We are pleased to welcome as introductory speaker Layla Dabkeh Fit a Palestinian activist, Dabkeh dancer, and fitness coach. The rest of the evening will consist of masterclasses focused on North African and Middle Eastern dances, as well as topics such as symbolism, practices, and cultural (re)appropriation. DETAILED PROGRAM PART 1/2 : - Talk with our GUEST Layla Dabkeh Fit : - Dabkeh history (conference) - Tania : PART 2/2 - FAZZANI basics (Tunisian dance class) - Hind : - CULTURAL (re)APPROPRIATION (conference) - Raïssa Leï : Donations 15€: all proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting Palestinian victims (Urgence Palestine & PALMED) If you want to donate more here are their websites: Info: Thanks again!

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